jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Our timelines

In History, we have been studying how to make a timeline to learn how history and prehistory is divided.

Making a parallelism with our lives, kids from both groups worked on their life timelines.

Let's see their productions!!!! They were great!!!!

Ivan Susnisky - 5º A

Rocío Morabito - 5º A

4 comentarios:

Nicole Rebour dijo...

Estan re buenos los Dipitys, Me voy a crear uno con muchas fotos !!!.

Nicole Rebour.

Agustina dijo...

Me encantaron los Dipitys, estan muy buenos.

Faustina dijo...

Miss Fabi:
I think that the timelines on Dipity are very good, becouse they are complete.


alejo dijo...

Miss Fabi it was very funny the page in internet.

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