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Reading Comprehension. The Lost Village is a famous legend from Britain. I hope you all enjoy it!

The Lost Village

In some place of England there is a lost village. It was burnt during the civil war that started in the year 1642 and ended up with the death of the king Charles I. In this war the king fought against parliament.
The village supported the king. So, Cromwell, who was the chief of the group that wanted to remove the king from his place, burnt the village and everyone died. There was nothing left and no one survived. Where houses and people once had lived, only ashes remained.
But there is a legend that says that once every ten years the village comes back to life only for one day. Any traveller that is going by can see the old houses, carriages, horses, the people from the village feeding the animals, working on their farms… The village recovers its old routine, as if it has never been interrupted. Nothing makes people suspect the truth. Everyone believes it is a normal village that has stayed back in time.
Apart from this, the traveller can enter into their world, keep a friendly conversation with any of the villagers, and enjoy a fantastic meal. The people from this village are very friendly, as they only receive visitors once every ten years by accident. It is also said that the traveller must not forget about the time. Anyone that stays in the village must leave before sunrise; otherwise that person will be trapped forever in this enchanted place.
So, remember that if you happen to be round this place in that special day when the village comes back to life, don’t stay to sleep. If you do, the next day it will become a timeless prison from which it will be impossible to escape.

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