lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

BrE vs. AmE

Leave your comment: Write some examples of words that have the same meaning but different spelling : LIFT and ELEVATOR

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Agostina dijo...

Hello miss.I am going to live some examples of words that are in BrE and in AmE:
underground subway
trousers pants
lorry truck

Meli dijo...


These are some examples:

Britain: Candy
North America: Sweets

Britain: Biscuits
North America: Cookies

Britain: Rubish
North America: Garbage

Britain: Underground
North America: Subway

Brenda dijo...

La verdad es bastante grande la diferencia entre British y American english
y puede ser muy grande la diferencia entre British y American english

Delfina dijo...

These are some examples of the words in BrE and AmE that mean the same but we write it different:
1)BrE: football.
AmE: soccer.

2)BrE: luggage
AmE: baggage

Josefina Fernadez dijo...

Hello, this is my word:

Britain: hollyday

North America: vacations

camila dijo...

Miss here are my examples: American: British:

apartment flat
garbage rubbish
soccer football

jesus dijo...

Miss there are many examples of Britain and North American English like these:
American English:soccer
American English:truck

Unknown dijo...

hello miss

These are examples:

American English:biscuit

American English: trousers

American English: football

American English:underground

American English:Lorry

Josefina Fernadez dijo...

There are more examples:

Britain: Underground
North America: Subway

Britain: bonnet
North America:hood

julian dijo...

Miss this is interesting to study because we can learn words from North America and Britain

Micaela dijo...

These are some examples:

Lorry Truck
Underground Subway
Rubish Garbage

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