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Hi kids!!!!

The last effort of the year!!!! Let's try hard!!!!



Fridays 19th and 26th: Oral exams

Tuesday 23rd:Reading and Listening comprehension/ Oral exams

Wednesday 24th: Literature (5º B) / History (5º A)

Thursday 25th: Use of English and Writing

Friday 26th: History (5º B) / Literature (5º A)



  • Present Perfect Simple(just/already/yet/for/since)
  • Irregular verbs (Past and Past Participle forms)
  • S. Present / Present Continuous
  • S. Past / Past Continuous
  • First Conditional sentences
  • Present Simple passive
  • Past simple passive
  • Verbs + ing & verbs to inf.
  • Will & Going to
  • Defining relative clauses
  • Vocabulary: British/American English / Films / Person’s age
  • Everyday English: Get a move on/I see/Nice one/I reckon/to be honest/come on/never mind/mates/wonder


Chapter 3: Ancient Egypt and Nubia

  • The Geography of the Nile. Locate in a map: Nile River, Mediterranean Sea, Lower/Upper Egypt. Lower/Upper Nubia. Red Sea. Lower/Upper Egypt: Reasons for the Division. Trade among them (Sea and land: reasons).
  • The rulers of Egypt: The three kingdoms. Unification. Timeline. Identification of the three kingdoms. Characteristics in common. Definitions: dynasty, regent, pharaoh. Hatshepsut. Thutmose III. Tutankhamen.
  • Egyptian religion: Important gods. Afterlife: beliefs. Mummies: definition. Reasons for mummification. Pyramids: Importance.
  • Ancient Egyptian culture: Social classes: Pyramid. Slavery. Peasants. Women. Writing. Mathematics. Medicine.
  • The cultures of Nubia: Upper and Lower. Valuable resources. Most powerful cities. Kerma’s wealth. Conflict with Egypt. Napata and Meroë: Achievements. Trade.

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Nicky.R dijo...

We have o make all the effort for the last exam. I am so nervious.
Nicole Rebour

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